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Mini Maker - Art Direction, Lead Artist, UI/UX


Mini Maker is a prototype made at Casa Rara in 4 months.
It's a sandbox creation game where the player is tasked with creating figurines, objects, things, stuff, and make them look good... enough.
The game's motto invites you to embrace your limited creative skills and enable yourself to shine as a bad artist!

As lead artist I was in charge of the art direction, as well as a good chunk of the game design and creation/implementation of 90% of assets.

Gameplay creation flow

The minis, your patrons in the game, are assembled from vector files to simple puppet setups and animated directly in Unity.

You can make... THINGS

You can make... THINGS

and even... MORE THINGS

and even... MORE THINGS

In the main area, the camera zooms in with a satisfying effect I designed and helped implementing. The camera switches seamlessly from Orthographic to Perspective.

The UI received a lot of love, it's dynamic, a bit crazy, but stays clean and doesn't shine as much as your beautiful creation.

When applying color to your creation, the paint stays wet for a little while, leaving a satisfying glossy look.

Stars of the show, the WOW tools really take your creations to the next level. They were a technical challenge to implement, between shader magic and feedback clarity.